Ootong and Lincoln – Review

Ootong and Lincoln
258 South Terrace, Fremantle
Tel: 08 9335 6109
Open: breakfast and lunch daily

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By jingoes I really wanted to like this cafe.

Stepping in on a busy Friday morning, visually it had all the promise of being my kind of cafe.  It really couldn’t be any more ‘Freo-fied’ if it tried, what with the wooden floors, mish-mash of retro furniture (I swear I saw my Nanna’s old laminex kitchen table over in the corner), old tricycles up on the wall for a bit of the kitsch factor, a good kids area with toys and high-chairs, and an area for parking bikes for the environmentally conscious amongst us.

once again my inside shot didn't work, so I have pilfered this shot shhhhhhhh

All good so far, but on closer inspection, the floors were dirty (yes I know I was in Freo, but still!) and many a fly colony had set up shop and were buzzing around also having their breakfast (both of these I would guess were as a result of leaving the doors/windows open).

I overlooked the dirt and took a window seat so, once again, Little Monkey could amuse himself watching the people, dogs and cars going by, giving me some respite.

As per usual, orders are placed at the counter.  I ordered the Full Breakast, with a side of chicken breakfast sausage, but I was informed, after some confusion, that the sausage is no longer available *sob*.  A moment spent in my happy place, where breakfast chicken sausages grow on trees, and I was ready to move on and sit down to wait for my food.

My coffee and OJ arrived quickly.  The coffee was a little too hot and bitter, but drinkable. The freshly squeezed orange juice tickled my gimmick funny-bone, presented in a funky mini-carafe.

Breakfast arrives soon after but, hang on a second here, something is amiss to my keenly trained breakfast eye.  Tomatoes check, potato hash check, eggs check, toast check, beans check…….. holy moly where’s the bacon?!?!

I advise a waitress on the way past of this highest of high breakfast faux-paus, and within minutes a bowl of piping hot bacon is placed on my table so that I am still able to enjoy it along with the rest of my food.

So the food was solidly pleasing, the home-made beans and herby potato hash were the flavourful standout for me, but nothing on my plate really got me excited, in fact I’m having trouble remembering it only a week later…. I guess that says a lot.

It was a case of almost but not quite on this occasion for me (and Little Monkey!) at Ootong and Lincoln.  I can definitely see why this has such a following being such a strong representation of Fremantle culture, coupled with some decent food.  There were elements I enjoyed (friendly staff, child friendly, food was OK), but it fell slightly short in most areas. Having said that, I wouldn’t rule out a repeat visit.

Food: 7.5/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Overall: 7/10


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