Melbourne girls trip booked – need eat/drink/shop suggestions!!

To celebrate my impending *cough* 31st birthday, a good friend and I (sans husbands and children booyah!) are going to be jetsetting in to Melbourne in early April to tear up the town.

Our mission?  To gorge ourselves on Melbourne’s culinary and boozy delights, and hit the shops (and our credit cards), hard.

We are there for two full fun-filled days and nights, staying in the CBD, and are in the stages of planning where we should eat, drink and shop. My friend, ‘Little P’ is planning our movements for the Friday, and I am planning for the Saturday, but each of us won’t find out what we are doing/where we are going until the day.

So, here is where I am at:  after hearing much hype about the newly-opened PM24 run by Philippe Mouchel (and overseen by the Press Club Group) I’ve made a booking for dinner.  I’m keen to give the rotisserie a whirl!

Now all I have to do is figure out where we will feast for breakfast (Hardware Societe or The European perhaps?) and lunch (drawing a complete blank!), and where we will imbibe that precious liquid known as wine (Siglo, Von Haus, Madame Brussells maybe?).  I am open to, and in desperate need of suggestions!  Currently I am trawling blogs to come up with a shortlist, but the problem with Melbourne is: there’s just too much dang choice!  And being the procrastinator I am, I fear I may never decide.

Shopping-wise I guess we’ll hit up Chapel Street but I’m in the early stages of sourcing some out of the way shops/boutiques within City and surrounds where I can find something a little different.

So I have 16 days to get my sheeeeet together, I’d better get cracking.  I’ll keep you posted!


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