Hobart Deli, North Perth – review

Hobart Deli
45 Hobart Street, North Park
Tel: 08 9444 8686
Open: Breakfast and lunch daily

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Finding a park in Perth where the partaking in a decent coffee is a possibility is something which I lament. Often.  But help arrived last week in the form of a link to a website which takes the guesswork out of caffeine-fueled (you, not your child!) play-date pursuits:  http://www.acoffeeinthepark.com/

Having a need to run an errand in the North Perth area, I consulted the aforementioned website and voila, Little Monkey and I were on our way to Hobart Deli en-route to said errand.

Hobart Deli is ensconced in a suburban pocket of North Perth across the road from a popular leafy fenced park, frequented by many a yummy-mummy mothers group. Nabbing a rock-star street-park out the front of the old neighbourhood deli, which has been converted into a funky local cafe, we bypassed the outside seating (good if you are a canine crazy) and stepped inside.

The small yet bustling interior (with its roaring take away trade) has a curious junk-shop quality about it, complete with various bits and bobs for sale hiding in nooks and crannies (including some lovely coffee-table books and notepads on the shelves).  The counter has the usual assortment of freshly baked goods on offer disguising the open kitchen.

Little Monkey was lucky to nab Hobart Deli’s only high chair (yes that’s right, they only have one!) which indicates they may not be overly child-friendly despite their proximity to the local park.

Service by the dark-haired girl at the counter was a bit brusque, bordering on chilly – no friendly banter or genuine smile to make you feel like a local here (they were so busy maybe they don’t need to bother?).  Coming off the back of a few friendly local cafes I had visited recently, this gruffness really stood out like Charlie Sheen at an AA meeting.

At the counter I ordered the breakfast wrap which, whilst being hot and fresh when it arrived promptly, was overly salty with the bacon not cooked long enough for my liking (a little bit of colour on bacon goes a long way!).  The side of chutney, whilst a nice touch, was a bit watery for my palate and a little dull.  Little Monkey’s Toast with a side of breakfast sausage (bad mummy alert!) was tasty and generous, although it’s hard to go wrong with toast and sausage.

For the record, my Wega extracted Crema coffee was perfectly fine for my unassuming coffee palate.

excuse the spoon, Little Monkey threw it in there before I had a chance to take a snap

Would I return?  Not intentionally.  I can get friendlier service and better breakfast nosh closer to home.  Whilst it doesn’t appear Hobart Deli has anything to worry about based on the bustling trade I witnessed on my visit, it should be careful not to alienate the regulars which will sustain the business over the course of its life in this fickle town.

Food: 6.5/10
Service: 5/10
Ambience: 8/10
Total:  6.5/10


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5 Responses to Hobart Deli, North Perth – review

  1. Ross says:

    Hi Spud, thanks for listing us on your blog roll, your blog is a good read! We’ve been meaning to go here, high chair or not! Maybe there’s no babies in Mount Hawthorn…?

    • The Spud says:

      Hi Ross,
      Right back at ya! Great to read another blog looking at things from a family friendly friendly perspective too (little Tallulah is a little cutie!)

  2. schtef says:

    Agree completely on the review. I used to live nearby but would prefer to travel up Angove St for somewhere with better service and better food (and better prices!). Loved the decor and vibe but don’t understand it’s business.

  3. JJ says:

    Agree with you and shctef. I really wanted to love it too. I live a few blocks away from Hobart Deli. All the ingredients are there for a beautiful cafe, but they are so surly! I thought it would become my new local daily brekky haunt but I don’t feel particularly welcome there, is the only way to put it.

    I’ve been in at least a dozen times and am yet to receive a smile returned or any conversation other than: what do you want? after I smile and say hello. My attempts at conversation (eg. what cake is good today? or what salad would go nicely with the tuna pattie?) is met with a shrug, a stony silence and an impatient stare (as in, shut up, hurry up and order I’m busy). I ride my bike up to milkd on Angove street now where after only a week of daily visits they greet me by name. I actually prefer the food at Hobart but I would rather give my $ to happy people that want my business.

    Nothing worse than feeling unwelcome and awkward in a cafe!

    • The Spud says:

      Apologies for the late reply. I agree nothing worse than feeling unwelcome and awkward – and paying for that privilege! I’ve read some more reviews recently noting the sour faces and chilly reception….. doesn’t appear that they are taking notice sadly.

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